Summoning The Online Wave

Summoning The Online Wave online wave

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I bet we are all aware on the issues that we have a unique or at least a potential internet users. What’s unique or potential about them is the kind of wave they made when they are really on it. Take or #MbahSurip as an example, and then #marshanda. Those issues create a huge wave that even shock us all. It puts Indonesia in a world-visible place, and I haven’t said this was done by no athlete nor professor. It was us the regular joes of the internet.

So who do we do that? I don’t really know. There are magic recipes and spells to summon the wave. But by looking at former case we can deduct some of those recipes and spells.

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This is the easy one. Everyone has one or two things about nationalism. It’s a well proven recipe to cast the wave. However, not every piece of nationalism will work as there are too many of it. One trick we know, pick something old from the history book and revive them, you’ll have your wave very soon. Take the border and culture stealing issues as example.

We are all victim of something We are such a weakling when it comes to emotion shaking stuff. That’s just why reality shows and sinetrons still dominates our telly. We are so weak that we want them so much. Bring this teary moment to the net, voila! Prita case might be the perfect example for this, while Manohara one is a hybrid kind one between nationalism and victimization. We are all victim of something. Expose this well, and it will echo.

Sense of belonging

This has a little to do with nationalism. It’s more into the feeling of owning something collectively. Mbah Surip was very down to earth. It’s nobody to somebody. He’s someone, everyone can claim to be close/tie with. A collective-selected star which belongs to everyone. Whatever such person do, it will be followed by wave. Why, because the whole country is his tribe.

We disagree on many things

When you didn’t elect some persons to be public figures, you know you’ll have “something” about them. And when they slip, we’ll be cheering all the way. It’s a way in expressing disagreement. Marshanda is one case. She was close with mother fairy but who knows she has another story on her youtube? Remember “Say NO to Mega”?

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I’m sure there are a lot more. Care to share what’s on your mind? I’d love to hear how to polish non popular stuff into something popular and in the end summoning the online wave. PS: Indonesian version available here

photograph by Duncan Rawlinson

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