Google+ Recap: The Future is Voice

Google+ Recap: The Future is Voice

Zolpidem Tartrate Mail Order Jika Anda mendapati blog ini jarang diupdate, maka Anda benar. Satu dua kali saya mendapati keluhan: “terakhir di-update bulan Juni”. Sangat menarik dan bangga untuk mendapatkan keluhan seperti ini. Jarang-jarang seorang band mendapatkan teriakan “Encore”. Saya tak ingin berbesar kepala, tapi saya anggap saja ini memang teriakan “encore”. I can use anything to boost up my writing mood these days. The truth is, writing about startups is like playing catching up with something that always running. It will never get done. On a business perspective, this is a very good asset. It made sure you have product to sell for a long period of time. But on other side, it demands a good preparation of fuel. Otherwise, you’ll be left out and losing the momentum. Just like what you see in this blog *big grin* Fret not. The passion is not dead, yet. I still tweets, and recently plussing a lot as well. I still love to thinker with the same subjects that start this blog: marketing dan tech. I just watched a few episodes of Mad Men. It’s nice, which is a good sign. It’s recommended by people in agencies. Means, I’m still on my track with marketing subject.

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Okay, to cure your “missing you” of NavinoT, and to fulfill the ‘encore” screams, here I recap some of (well, we’ll see if I can actually managed to write more than one) my posts in G+.

The Future Is Voice

It is interesting to see how lower economical class ppl have left sms and turn to voice, especially the seniors. It’s pretty much in opposite with the phone habit where ppl are afraid the (long distance or cellular) bill. Maybe the future should have been voice-enabled technology. The telcos should realigning their data-is-future strategy. Those grassroot had helped blowing up twitter and facebook. Only God knows what they’ll do next.

Zolpidem Order Lorazepam Do you know any startup targetting seniors? And I got comment from @amasna. YAY! You know you’re good if @amasna pays you a visit. To convince @amasna (and @richardfang) I told ’em I see the trend on the economy buses. I once afraid on using too much phoning, I still do. But those people I see are not afraid at all. Texting is second. There are two probable cause. One, voice is too cheap to meter than text. Second, the qwerty/keypad is just too small for them. I consider this trend to be “enlighting”. It is a big shift in consumption behaviour. While youngster has been crowned as the most lucrative consumer, the seniors are a niche market. It will always be there. While young consumers are nasty to please (Oh God, just search Twitter on how they yawn, and curse your good enough product), seniors are easily identified by their physical limits. It’s a clear and well defined consumer. A sitting duck. How’s that sound? Kalau tidak salah, di luar negeri saya pernah baca ada semacam Yahoo! Pipe untuk layanan voice, dan tahun lalu layanan serupa juga dibuat oleh founder lokal. Dua-duanya saya lupa nama produknya. Ada yang ingat?


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Zolpidem Cheap In case you didn’t know, commenting on article will push it up. It’s like “Sundul” in Kaskus and “BUMP” in Koprol. Similar to G+ stream.


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  1. @alderina emang susah dikasih yang dihital Pon. Tapi justru di situ peluangnya. Menciptakan produk dihital yang pas buat mereka. Yang tidak banyak tombol. Yang intuitif. Mungkin lebih banyak berbasis voice karena aku lihat mereka paling capable memakai layanan ini dibandingkan dengan text.

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